On The Run

The last few months have been wondrous and I feel honoured to be around such people helping build visuals for my music.

Creating the music video for 'Addicted To Love' has been a near year long project, a hell of a bumpy ride with points where I just didn't think there was going to be a music video.. At all.

The first film was shot in Barcelona, I'd broken my wrist 7 days before the shoot, yet I still decided to go ahead with it all. We spent three days filming in the blistering heat, waking up at 5am to catch the empty streets at first light, finishing at midnight most nights. We carried the gear around the city on foot in 30 degree heat which had us all panting away and at points a little stressed. We found some amazing spots and some pretty dangerous ones, one with around 200 hundred spectators who watched us get escorted off the premises by local police. I had a half cut cast to rest my wrist in between shots, so the smiles you would of seen in the video were broken bone smiles... aahha. It was hard work. For everyone. 
We got some incredible footage and on our return back to the UK we were all pumped. We began to edit the footage, after hours of trying to piece it together and it-just-was-not-working.. It came to a point where I realised, we just didn't have enough footage.. Like no-where-near-enough.. It was kind of devastating. The sun kissed glorious world I'd painted in my head had just burnt up and turned to hell.. HA. Devastating I tell you.


This is the part where two guardian angels (Louie & Lauren from Cinema Lumina) swooped in from over the hills with an ingenious idea inwhich saved the day.

They offered a new concept, a twisted tortured tormented world of sweet suffering in a dangerous love-drunk relationship. I was to be tied down and teased to a point of turmoil by a mysterious lover in an authentic looking boudoir.

I loved it.

So we shot the film. 
2 days in Betty's Boudoir at Hotel Pelirocco, it was quite the experience, as you will soon see. Thankfully no broken bones this time, just a couple of broken hearts.

I can't say enough how thankful and honoured I am to of worked with such talent on this project. Thank you especially Louie and Lauren for coming in and making the final cut so fucking fantastic. An immense amount of effort and hours have gone into this project and I am forever grateful to of worked with such a team.

It's beginning to look glorious..

Hold tight for the video to land beginning of Feb.
Endless shouts and respect to
A.k.a Louie &  Lauren

Big ups 2018! POW.